Our Mission

Our Vision and Mission!

To have a significant positive impact in order to reduce the amount of people victimized each year by violent crime. To accomplish this, we will enable and inspire 100,000 people across America on how to defend their self and those around them from people who intend to do them harm. – Joe Malone, CEO/ Founder

Self Defense Training by Experts

Stand Up And Unite Against Entitlement, Racism, and Violent Crime!

After 13 years in the Marines, and 7 deployments all over the world I finally decided to come back home to Chicago and start a life for myself.

What I found to be happening was one of the most heartbreaking things I could’ve never imagined.

Racial tensions and divisions, hyper-critical cynicism towards one another, sky-rocketing violent crime rates, a city that I loved burned down to the ground in the name of false and misrepresented interests- as you know the list goes on and on.

I couldn’t help but ask myself, how could we have let this come to be?

What was it?

Where did we go wrong in recent history to allow these things to transpire, ruin and, tear down the social fabric that has taken so long for us to build to where it is at?

By reflecting upon my childhood, teenage years, and the last 13 years of my adult life spent traveling and working around the world in all sorts of austere, luxurious, and impoverished places- I’ve come to this conclusion…

We have become so spoiled and dependent upon the Emergency Response System, that our society is operates within, that we have lost the ability to be self-reliant, and reliant upon one another.

Our internal care networks (as much work as they need) function with such fluidity that crime exists around us all day every day and depending where you’re at in the country; you might go your entire life without ever even truly realizing it.

We have become pacified by years of the inaccurate narrative of teachers telling us not to punch the bully back!

That we need to go find an adult to deal with it…

The problem is that now those kids are now the adults, and the “adults”, are the police, and the police are NOT OUR PERSONAL CARETAKERS! They are men and women struggling hard to work a hard and not so well-paying job. The few of them that there are, lay responsible for hundreds of millions of Americans!

We seem to not be able to control one another because we’ve spent a lifetime being told NOT TO STAND UP FOR OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER!

The time has now come.

We need to unite with each other to stand up in the face of evil, and wrongdoing so that we can deter violent crime, and foster a place of unity and positivity so that we can all come together again.

Just because you take a course on how to use firearms doesn’t mean you MUST use a firearm; it just means you’re capable of protecting your loved ones and each other in the most drastic (and unfortunately all too common) of situations.

It means you’ll be much better prepared to handle every day ordinary life events that perhaps normally you might now know how to deal with.

It means that criminals will be much less likely to take a chance on victimizing you because they know you’ll be aware, capable on possibly armed!

It translates into less reckless violent crime, less suffering, and less lure into a violent criminal lifestyle which means more people will seeks jobs that are positive to societal growth and in harmony with one another.

It means that we will become more unified knowing we each care for one another, and have each other’s backs when times get hard.

After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Peace and happiness, looking out for one another and being a good human?

I hope that you’ll join us, and I look forward to working with you and helping add you into the fabric of societal safety that we provide for one another.

Stay positive and love your life.


About Our CEO and Founder

I love seeing people’s lives, confidence, and skill-sets grow!

Joseph Malone is the CEO and Founder of Southern Cross Inc. 

Joe’s experienced is derived from over 13 years in the Marine Corps, most notably under the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC Raiders), where he spent the majority of his time in service.

 In total, Joe conducted 7 deployments overseas; 4 in combative theatres (Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan), and 3 in non-combative theaters in support of humanitarian-aid and intelligence led operations. 

During his tenure Joe spent time attached to the Tier 1 Special Missions Unit, and worked closely with the CIA, DIA, Department of State, British Commando Units, as well as other Foreign Government Special Operations Forces.. 

Joe was awarded on multiple occasions for his contributions to the battlefield.

After 13 years Joe left the Marine Special Operations Command to pursue a career in helping American citizens prepare for the worst, and increase in their understanding of one another through leadership workshops and cultural assimilation programs.

Joe has a Bachelors in Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, is a Nationally Registered EMT, a NAUI certified Rescue diver, and technical rescue certified team leader.

He is board certified through ASIS International’s board of Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and is a mobile forensics Cellebrite Certified Mobile Examiner (CCME).

Since leaving the military he has trained hundreds of police officers and detectives that work for various agencies across the country, as well as foreign government officials.

He spends his time now leading his movement titled, Love In Action, an anti-violence movement based on teaching people to help one another in their greatest moments of need.

Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois

For Every Person I Train I Understand That I Am Making
A Positive Impact On Society.

Based on 14 reviews.
Haley Bahnamqn
Haley Bahnamqn
I took one of Joe’s classes and I found it very engaging, fun, and informative. I plan to take future classes with Joe! If you are interested in taking any courses to help protect and defend yourself, I highly recommend singing up with Southern Cross!
Grace Elliott
Grace Elliott
I took Joe's De-escalation course for work and it was such an educational and fun course. Going into the class I thought this material could be boring and wasn't really sure what to expect. Joe was so lively and kept the class extremely engaged the entire time. He made me excited to learn more, and I have already signed up to take another course with him. If you are deciding between two companies, I am here to tell you to choose Joe Malone and Southern Cross. You will be delighted with the entirety of it all from Joe, the course material, and the humor and light heartedness he can bring while teaching such important topics and staying grounded. Thanks Joe!
Michael Saldarelli
Michael Saldarelli
I took the De-escalation Training with Joe Malone. He did a phenomenal job teaching the class. He provides quality descriptions of potential conflicts and simulates these issues. I highly recommend this class and any class taught by Southern Cross.
Adam Pummer
Adam Pummer
Joe is a great trainer. The course is very informative. Everyone should take this class for the knowledge.
Jeff Labine
Jeff Labine
Janet Dunne
Janet Dunne
aj williams
aj williams
Overall a great experience and not your average boring class, very fun and welcoming environment that provides excellent informative training in weapon safety, handling, and legalities. Highly recommend for beginners and more advanced weapon carriers as G-Chief solutions offers more advanced training.
Robb Ross
Robb Ross
G-Chief Solutions / Joe Malone's CCW class sessions are informative and interesting. Overall, a great learning experience, especially providing solid training in "best practices" and safety fundamentals.
Kyle Klode
Kyle Klode
Joe taught me a better grip allowing me to be able to shoot more accurately. A great experience all the way around. KK
George Olson
George Olson
A very profesional, thorough, and meaningful class on beginner training of the most important part of life at this time, you and your families safety. I cannot wait to take another class with Joesph to increase my skills. This should be considered a starting point with lots of practice and continued education. Joesph is professional, a little intense, but most importantly serious about safety and what he is teaching. He has experiences most of us will never see.

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    2 day crisis intervention firearms training