Beginner Firearms Training

program is a 2-day highly repetitive, hands-on, and scenario based to ensure you understand, what you are doing and why


Beyond The Basics

In Our Firearms Familiarization Course You Will Learn

  • The Different Types of Firearms

  • Firearm Nomenclature

  • 4 Weapons Safety Rules

  • Proper Firearms Handling

  • Loading and Unloading

  • Proper Marksmanship Fundamentals

  • Reporting

  • Legalities Concerning Firearms

Beginner Firearms Training
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois
Beginner Firearms Training
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois

An Exemplary End Result

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To

  • Properly Identify Firearms and Their Parts

  • Know How to Safely Handle a Firearm

  • Load, Unload, and CLEAR a Firearm

  • Shoot a Firearm Accurately Using Basic Fundamentals

  • Feel safe while handling a firearm

Required Materials

Valid Driver's License

Must not be expired

Valid FOID Card

Must not be expired and must be in your name

Personal Firearm

In serviceable condition, no relics or barely operable firearms, please

Concealed Carry Holster

Any brand/location acceptable. Whatever you plan on wearing *not required but highly, highly recommended

$20 Range Fee

Range fee is not included in the course fee

Firearm Cleaning Materials

Whatever you have is fine

Eye Protection

Available to rent

Ear Protection

Available to rent

Note Taking Materials

Paper/pen or iPad/tablet – There will be a short written exam at the end

100 Rounds Of Ammunition

***No ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. All students will be subjected to having their items searched to ensure safety. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in dismissal from the course. 


For registration or inquiries please email