De-Escalation and Women's Safety

5 Phase Process That You Can Use Daily

Works for anyone that has to communicate with humans!

Priming the Mind

Can we really program our minds to be subconsciously aware of dangers that are around us?

If so, can we do this while abstaining from a negative and paranoid state of mind?

Test your mental acuity BELOW by watching this short video to see if "priming" the mind is possible.


It is imperative that you know how to recognize Potentially Harmful Behaviors (PHB) within your vicinity.

Obvious, Anomalous, and Nefarious behaviors are the 3 main categories we break this down into.

An example of Anomalous behavior.
<----------- Which one looks different from the others?

Neutralize or Navigate

Our focus is backed by our energies, and the higher the energy in an exchange then the greater the finesse needed to de-escalate.

Neutralizing or Navigating through unwanted energetic exchanges is best done subconsciously with our body language.

What stances, tones, or techniques have you used before that were successful, or even unsuccessful?

Make It Be Known

There are more than just one way to let somebody, and those around us, know that our desire to engage is over with and that we'd like to move on.

Furthermore, are you aware of all the ways you can reach a 911 operator, give them your location, and not ever eve have to pull out your phone when worried it will cause someone to attack you?

How can we determine the "threshold" of when someone is acting out of line, without putting ourselves at risk?

Egress or Escape

Egress requires either Extrinsic or Intrinsic execution, but what's the difference between them and how do we know when to initiate them safely?

Escaping requires forced disengagement, knowing how to use your tools, and when to strike.
How have you disconnected from unwanted engagements in the past?

Was it successful, or did it result in an escalation of agitation?

Benefits of our training

After This Course You Will

  • Feel a renewed sense of confidence while walking alone

  • Worry less about meeting new people

  • Create a safer environment around your home

  • Provide a helpful example for friends and family

  • Feel safer in your work environment

Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois

Student Success Stories

“The focus on overall safety in everything that you’re doing really stood out to me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to not just be taught at, but to really now how and why you’re doing something.”– Samantha

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