Explore Life  Safely


Learn how to live fearless, yet safe, no matter what challenges you face

Specialized Confidence

Explore our specialized master classes that are only taught by industry-leading world experts. With our foundational training you can sky-rocket your independence, confidence, and abilities to whole new heights so you can live a happier, safer, and more joyous life. Self-confidence always starts with safety.

Workplace Influence/Violence

Did you know workplaces that implement quarterly team building exercises experience “0” workplace violence fatalities? Scientists have discovered the reason why this happens. Let’s stop relying on responsive measures and start looking at what we can do to keep it from even being a possibility.

The Everyday School

Whether they are 8 or 18, as a parent you shouldn’t have to worry about you kid’s safety at school. However, its a reality that we now live in. Let’s teach our kids about the importance of positive social interaction with one another. Small acts of kindness and a bit of street smarts are what prevent most school violence incidents from ever occurring.

Travel & Adventure

Is fear holding you back from experiencing all the beauty that life has to offer? It’s ok to be afraid. But its not ok to live in that fear-state. Learn how to break free from those chains so you can explore the heaven this Earth has to offer. It all starts with personal safety and awareness.

Lifestyle Safety Coaching

Description goes hereRequest 1-on-1 coaching and lifestyle safety strategy with Joe. Whether you’re kid is getting ready to backpack across Europe, you’re about to sail across the Pacific Ocean, or maybe even hike the Patagonia Joe will work with you to provide the greatest personal safety game plan ever that will allow you to relax, enjoy, and take in the full scope of the sights and sounds. Immerse yourself in life!

Illinois (16 Hr.) License To Carry

If you want to know how to use firearms but have been worried or concerned about where to start, this course is for you. After completing this course you will feel confident and capable with your firearm.

Women, Weapons, and Wine Night!

Grab your favorite bottle of wine and head in for an emotionally packed evening of fun (but serious) safety discussions. Every time we have one of these events lives are changed and relationships are made.

Conflict De-Escalation Techniques

Learn to de-escalate conflicts that arise in your everyday life, from a fight at the grocery store to something more dangerous on the train or at home.

Surviving An Active Shooter

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to apply the simple steps taught in the course, and how much more at ease you’ll feel knowing you have a plan in place. Say goodbye to the feeling of helplessness and hello to peace of mind.

Don't Wait For Tradegy To Strike

Prevent Workplace Violence Today!

Be recognized by your company as the person who helped prevent workplace violence!

Envision the difference your choice will make in people’s lives.

The peace of mind you gave to their families.

The increased workflow and positively charged atmosphere.

The smiles, fun, happiness, and energy that come along with our training.

This can all be you.

Start To Recognize The Signs

Did you know scientists believe over 70-90% of human communication is non-verbal? This means if we fail to see the non-verbal cues of workplace violence then we are failing to prevent 70-90% of it! Let’s start off by quickly testing your general awareness and see how well you can complete the fun and insightful challenge.

Don’t Let Your Students Suffer From A Lack Of Decisive Action

Rediscover Excitement In Your School And Take Proactive Measures With Experienced, Educated, And Empathetic Professionals

The Real Cost Of Procrastination Is The Constant Presence Of Fear, Worry, and Anxiety. Uncertainty in your school’s safety erodes away at its ability to transform lives

Everyday your school goes without a universally accepted violence prevention program is a day that your staff, and subsequently your students, lack comfort and confidence. Eliminate this subsurface level of fear and discomfort so your teachers can focus on teaching and your students can focus on growing.

Don't wait until it's too late! Invest in your school's safety today.

Every day, educators and staff in our schools face the daunting challenge of keeping our students safe.

But what if there was a way to empower those on the front lines of violence prevention with the tools they need to make a difference?

The Southern Cross School Violence Prevention Program is designed specifically for you, the heroes in our schools who want to take a proactive stance against violence.

Our comprehensive program includes cutting-edge strategies, hands-on training, and real-world solutions to help you identify and respond to potential threats. With our program, you’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to protect your students and keep them safe.

Surviving An Active Shooter

You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to apply the simple steps taught in the course, and how much more at ease you’ll feel knowing you have a plan in place. Say goodbye to the feeling of helplessness and hello to peace of mind.