Scary Encounter

Scary Encounter


Illinois Self-Defense and Conceal Carry Scenarios

Answer the following questions to see if you know your rights in Illinois for self-defense and lethal force!

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1. You are out with your husband/wife and friends drinking at a bar and a person hits on your husband/wife. You tell them to back off and punch them. They walks away and yell back at you, “don’t let me catch you outside”.

When leaving you see the offender in the parking lot waiting for you. They come walking up to you and say, “lets finish this now!”

Can you use your firearm in self-defense?

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2. It's 2 am and you're walking home from a late shift at work..... When all of a sudden you see this person standing in your way. They aren't saying anything but are slowly moving towards you. They are roughly 20 feet away.

Do you.

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It's 2:34 am and you hear a noise outside.

You look at your security cameras and see this image- someone trying to break into your home.

The window they are attempting to enter is your living room, you are in your bedroom.

There is no one else home.

Can you use lethal self-defense against this person?

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4. You are sitting at a stop light running errands when all of a sudden you see this take place at the car in front of you.

Based off Illinois state law, can you engage this person with lethal defense?

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5. Its 1 am and you hear a noise downstairs, so you grab you shotgun and head downstairs.

While walking down your stairs you see this stranger in your home (uninvited).

They do NOT have a weapon in their hand that you can see.

Can you use lethal force against this person?

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6. Its 1 pm, on a Tuesday and you’re at home. You're reading the paper and need to use the bathroom. You get up and start walking into  your bedroom when you see a strange person rummaging through your closet. You do not know who they are, but they appear to be robbing you, and in fact you become certain of it when you see them stuffing their pockets with your Grandmother's jewelry. You cannot see a firearm or other weapon because their back is turned to you.  Your firearm is on your hip, loaded. They do not notice you are there. You draw your firearm and aim in on them. What should you do next?

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7. You are taking a short cut down an alley you frequent. You see a girl being attacked and raped by a grown man and she’s screaming for help. Can you shoot?

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8. If someone is attempting to carjack you and you can’t see a firearm, can you legally shoot them?

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