That’s what the sign read in the school I was visiting.


I couldn’t believe how pacified we’ve become.

I had heard of these types of things before, jokingly, but I never knew they actually existed in schools… or anywhere for that matter… But here it was.


I feel that the idea and concept of a “safe space” is one of the most ridiculous things we could ever promote. As if life takes a pause for you to figure out your emotions so that you can make the easiest, best, and most comfortable choice possible and take your time while doing so. It doesn’t, it won’t.. It never has and never will.


I say this with such conviction because, to tell ourselves a lie or a fallacy and to actually put our well-being into it is incredibly dangerous and negligent. We have become way too comfortable relying on the very systems Americans seem to be protesting, and burning down… literally.


The fact that it’s now cool to fight against the people in place to protect you, me, and our communities is a total byproduct of living in a land all-to-well and undeservedly full of wealth, opportunity, and privilege. I’m not ignorant, I know people have different starts in life, but regardless of where you start here in America you have an opportunity to be anything you want!


There is no arguing against this.


Anywhere else in the world you do not have anywhere close to the amount of opportunities as we have here… which is why everyone flocks here.


Yet, the last few generations of spoiled miscreants who claim their selves to be “activists” still find the opportunity to be bored enough to say things like…


Defund the police?

  • Who do you think deals with armed robbers, murderers, rapist, and pedophiles?

Take away fire fighter pensions?

  • Who is going to rescue your home, children, and cherished memories?


What’s even worse is that we are even getting victimized by the people who are saying these types of things… The criminals!


And people have become so disassociated with one another and distrustful and divided that we don’t even bother helping each other when we see someone being wronged, assaulted, raped, or robbed!


We’ve been told for so long now that punching a bully back and in the face is wrong, that the bullies are now grown and keep coming because we haven’t done anything about it for so long!


I decided to finish my journeys overseas and bring back the lessons I’ve learned here to America.


This is my home, this is the greatest land in the world, and I know this because I have seen much of the world.


My goal is to train over 100,000 people on ways to defend their selves against violent criminals.


That’s it.


When we become more capable of helping one another, then we do, and when we do, our love for one another and humanity grows.


It grows in spirit and in bond. Kinship, and health. Kindness and generosity.


These are the things I strive for in my life, and I believe, based off my travels around the globe, this is what most people strive for in life.


Let me help you be safer, more secured, and have a peaceful mindset.


Become the warrior in the garden, and not the gardener in the war.


Take care, stay safe, and Always…. Be Kind


  • Joe Malone