Women’s Confidence Course

Feel ever more safe after completing each confidence course and improving your self defense abilities and tactics

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Gives women an opportunity to speak their minds and voice their concerns without fear of judgement from others, allows women to learn with one another which provides more opportunity for sharing tips and tricks only other women could know, and provides a networking opportunity for women who may want to increase their firearms proficiency with another group of likeable, similarly skilled, enthusiastic women.


$100 Basic Course

  • Opens the floor for open conversation on firearms experience, comfortability and safety

  • Touches on Firearms Truths, which shows how a firearm works mechanically from start to finish. We also touch on nomenclature and common practices

  • Shows you how to perform some basic and simple steps to provide you with accuracy and comfort while using your firearm

  • Takes you through a basic shooting “Confidence Course” where we turn your fear into confidence

  • Ends with talks on general safety principles, common trends and an understanding of your legal rights as a citizen

Women’s Confidence Course
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois
Women’s Confidence Course
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois

$150 Intermediate Course

  • Reviews and refreshes the material from the Basic Course

  • Moves into slightly more complex situations where your safety may or may not be in danger- and how to determine this

  • Goes over self-defense with children near-by

  • Shows you how to advance your shooting techniques and develop your specific shooting style

  • Hosts a different type of shooting qualification including- shoot and no shoot targets, timed shoots, malfunctions and jams maneuvers

  • Finishes with an open floor review of all shooters, their skills, improvements and methods to practice with in order to improve talents


$200 Advanced Course

  • Beings with a refresh of the Intermediate material and shooting qualifications

  • Dives into state and federal legalities, and the penalties behind not following or knowing these

  • Threat assessment and situational awareness based scenarios that are told through the experiences of real life events

  • Ensures all but the mastery of weapons safety skills and knowledge

  • Puts women into an advanced shooting qualification designed against multiple assailants with advanced shooting techniques that are timed, graded, recorded and judged

  • Ends with a course discussion, sharing select student participant stories of personal experiences in self-defense and trauma, as to provide strength, unity and courage within the women’s community

Women’s Confidence Course
Concealed Firearms Training Company in Chicago, Illinois

Required Materials

Valid Driver's License

Must not be expired

Valid FOID Card

Must not be expired and must be in your name

Personal Firearm

In serviceable condition, no relics or barely operable firearms, please

Concealed Carry Holster

Any brand/location acceptable. Whatever you plan on wearing *not required but highly, highly recommended

$20 Range Fee

Range fee is not included in the course fee

Firearm Cleaning Materials

Whatever you have is fine

Eye Protection

Available to rent

Ear Protection

Available to rent

Note Taking Materials

Paper/pen or iPad/tablet – There will be a short written exam at the end

100 Rounds Of Ammunition

***No ammunition will be allowed in the classroom. All students will be subjected to having their items searched to ensure safety. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in dismissal from the course. 


For registration or inquiries please email j.malone@southerncross.company